• Owner at Progress Media ApS, Køge

    Digital marketing using channels such as e-mail, SMS, and social media.

    January 2015 - current

    A number of different landingpages, primarily frontend work.

    Automating e-mail and SMS flows and analytical optimisation of sent campaigns based on KPI.

    Development of different dashboard to manage large amounts of data, revenue, costs, and more..

  • Co-founder & tech lead at UNI Finance ApS, Copenhagen

    Loan comparison site focusing on the Norwegian market.

    April 2018 - August 2018

    Fullstack development of the first version of the platform (PHP, MySQL - HTML, CSS, and jQuery).

    Implementation of first- and third-party tracking and full automation of e-mail and SMS flows.

    Development of backend for handling revenue- and traffic sources, affiliate marketing publishers and their individual rates.

  • Partner at Adendo ApS, Copenhagen

    Digital marketing exclusively through e-mail and SMS channels.

    June 2017 - January 2019

    Development of internal systems to measure and compare the effectiveness of our marketing.

    Development of systems handling our large amount of customer data - imports and exports, analytics and statistics.

  • Investor & advisor at OSP Group IVS, Copenhagen

    Betting related subscription service, oddsprofit.dk.

    May 2016 - August 2018

    Development of backend handling the recommended bets, generation of statistics through timeperiods and more

    Expose the backend to the Wordpress installation through a custom-made plugin.

  • Lead manager at BestAd Group, København

    Digital marketing through e-mail and display.

    December 2011 - July 2015

    Development of a larger full-stack platform in PHP & MySQL and HTML/CSS/jQuery to gather statistics over a number of different affiliate networks using their APIs or by crawling their sites.

    A number of different adjustment of a Wordpress news site, Footy.dk, both plugins and theme, owned by the same people.

  • Fullstack developer at New Age Media ApS, Køge

    Subscription service and two different webshops - sale of e-cigarettes.

    May 2014 - January 2015

    Maintenance and new features for an existing subscription service written in PHP / MySQL and HTML / CSS and jQuery.

    Development of two webshops, first WooCommerce and later Magento, both from ground up.

  • External Office Worker at The University of Copenhagen - Food Science, Køge

    Handling the migration of CMS systems.

    Janaury 2014 - October 2014

    Migrating data and theme from existing Drupal installation to a Wordpress installation.

    Development of dashboard to track and handle download of papers.